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AIDS Education for the EFL/ESL Classroom

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Jigsaw reading passages (in Word Doc format)
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Public Speaking: A Persuasive Speech (in Word Doc format)


NEW! Photocopiable HIV/AIDS Seminar Worksheets
developed by Louise Haynes, director of JAPANetwork and AIDS educator in Japan since 1995.

This 12-week course covers many aspects of the AIDS pandemic.

Unit 1 - AIDS in Japan: June 2006
Unit 2 - History (World)
Unit 3 - History (Japan)
Unit 4 - Discrimination
Unit 5 - War, conflicts, rape and HIV
Unit 6 - Women, Power and HIV
Unit 7 - HIV/AIDS - What is it?
Unit 8 - Testing, Treatment, Statistics
Unit 9 - STDs & Talking with Your Partner
Unit 10 - Sex trafficking
Unit 11 - Poverty, Education, Orphans
Unit 12 - Government spending and AIDS

Each unit has 4 pages: 1) a reading passage of between 400-600 words, 10 new vocabulary words for each unit, 2) a listening section (from video or a song), 3) an "About You" section with exercises to build self-esteem, and 4) one page of discussion questions.

Teachers can download individual worksheets in PDF format or in Word doc format. There are extra pages as well, such as the list of vocabulary included in each unit, a list of further resources for more information in Japan, and suggested homework assignments.


Pairwork Quiz
Download this 1-page worksheet. Have your students practice asking questions about HIV/AIDS info worldwide and in Japan.

Note: There are many more lesson ideas in the FOR STUDENTS and NEWSLETTER pages (at left). There are reading passages you can print out and develop for use as reading lessons or as topics for discussion, as well as project ideas, quizzes and more!

Download JAPANetwork's lesson plan ideas:

  • Photocopiable worksheets(pdf format):
    • AIDS: A Common Topic
    • Using Internet
    • Using Your Library
    • Keeping a Diary
    • AIDS Scenarios: What Should They Do?