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Japan AIDS Prevention Awareness Network

AIDS Education for the EFL/ESL Classroom

For Students

Reading Passages
Project Ideas

Reading Passages

What is AIDS?
Basic facts about HIV and AIDS (Basic Level)

What is AIDS?
Learn more detailed information about HIV and AIDS (Intermediate)

JAPANetwork's Advanced Lesson plan
***Approach the issue from different standpoints***

World AIDS Day Index 1998
Facts and statistics about the epidemic in 1998

Short Stories
Some stories about people affected with or touched by AIDS

Discussion Topics
Society, Economy, History and the AIDS Epidemic

Dos and Don'ts
What the care giver should and shouldn't do for an HIV+ person

Are lesbians at risk?
Safe sex hints for Japanese gay women

The Story Behind JAPANetwork
Carol Burnett: The inspiration behind JAPANetwork


Basic AIDS quiz!
Basic quiz to test your knowledge about HIV/AIDS

Intermediate AIDS quiz!
A more advanced quiz about HIV/AIDS

Projects for your classroom!

Public Service Announcements (All levels)
Make your own TV and Radio commercials.

HIV Diary (All levels)
Imagine you are hiv+. Keep a diary for a week.

Make a newspaper (Intermediate level)
In your group, make a newspaper with reports..

Make a video
(Intermediate and Advanced levels)
Ideas for video topics

Letter-writing campaign (Advanced level)
Write letters to government officals

Theater (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
Write a play with an AIDS related theme

Discussion (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
AIDS related topics for discussion