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Japan's HIV/AIDS Statistics

AIDS News Updates

2003 News

- Japanese Charity Plans AIDS Home" (allAfrica.com) 03.19.03::Monitor (Kampala)
- Japan's HIV Cases Rose in Last 3 Months of 2002 (Associated Press) 01.31.03
- Of Aid and AIDS
By John Gershman (February 5, 2003)

2002 News

- Young People Account for 40 Percent of HIV-Infected in Japan (Associated Press) 08.06.02
- Sex Education Booklet Spawns Controversy in Japan (Agence France Presse) 09.09.02
- Japan's Casual 'Sex Friends' Risk More Than Broken Hearts (Newsweek) 09.16.02
- Japan Needs Refresher in AIDS Awareness (Nikkei Weekly) 10.07.02

1999 News

- Japanese Study Confirms Efficacy of the Female Condom (Infectious Disease News) 01/99
- Health--Japan: Still Complacent About HIV/AIDS (IPS Wire) 01/06/99
- Public Health Targets Teens' Private Acts (Journal of the American Medical Association) 01/06/99
- Doctors: Tell Children if They Have HIV Infection (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 01/06/99
- The Deadly Gender Gap (Village Voice Online) 12/30/98-/01/05/99
- Guangxi HIV Cases Jump From One to 700 in 2.5 Years (South China Morning Post Online) 01/05/99
- Over 40 Million People to Be Infected With AIDS by 2000 (Itar Wire Service) 01/01/99

1998 News

- Popular Drama Prompts Interest in HIV in Japan (Lancet) 12/05/98
- Health: Women Gamble With Holiday Sex (BBC News Online) 11/20/98
- Japan's Health Ministry Announces AIDS Campaign 9/29/98
- Number of New TB Cases Rises for 1st Time Since 1960 9/22/98
- Japanese Officials Were Aware of HIV in Blood Products 09/98
- HIV Study Should Focus on Women--U.S. AIDS Chief 08/03/98
- Progress of HIV Found to Be Faster in Women 08/04/98
- Ministry Panel Feared HIV Patients in '83 07/31/98
-12 Die of TB Outbreak at Elderly Care Home in 1995-1997 07/27/98
- Heterosexual Transmission High During Early HIV Infection 07/08/98
- Are Japanese Researchers Exploiting Thai HIV Patients? 05/98
- Warning Issued on Use of Viagra with Poppers 5/12/98
**- Report: Five Young People Infected With HIV Every Minute 04/22/98 **
- HIV-Positive Patients at Particular Risk of TB in Japan 04/13/98
- Health Ministry reports 6.1 HIV/AIDS increase in 1997 03/16/98
- New Green Cross AIDS Case Found 03/17/98
- Oldest Case of HIV Infection Confirmed 02/04/98
- Record number of AIDS patients in Japan 01/28/98
- Brazil Turns to Women to Stop Dramatic Rise in AIDS Cases 01/09/98
- Saliva Component Blocks AIDS Virus (Reuters) 01/08/98

1997 News

- Record number of HIV in Japan (Kyodo) 11/25/97
- AZT Not Needed in AIDS Cocktails (UPI) 09/29/97
- Pill Could be Risk Factor in HIV Spread (Reuters) 09/26/97
- Female AIDS Cases Are Rising Swiftly (Washington Post) 09/17/97
- Women Are Left Out of Hunt for AIDS Drugs (NY Times) 09/11/97
- HIV-Positive Women More Vulnerable to Vaginal Yeast Colonization (Reuters) 08/01/97
- Disclosure of Condom Breakage to Sexual Partners (AMA Journal) 07/23/97
- Kenya's AIDS Policy 'Is Gender Insensitive' (Africa News Service) 08/04/97
- When Older Women Get H.I.V. (NY Times)07/31/97
- AIDS, HIV Cases Reach 5,000 in Japan (Xinhua)07/29/97
- Japanese Official Fired for AIDS Remark (UPI)07/17/97
- Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials of Antiretroviral Agents for HIV/AIDS During Pregnancy (Lancet)07/12/97
- Case Of HIV Transmission Via Oral Mucosa Reported (Reuters)07/11/97
- If the Condom Breaks (Time)06/23/97