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Japan AIDS Prevention Awareness Network

AIDS Education for the EFL/ESL Classroom

The JAPANetwork Newsletter

Summer 2005 in PDF Format In this issue:

  • AIDS News Updates

    Japan urged to enlighten public to check rise in HIV/AIDS cases
    Japan Faces Potential AIDS-Tuberculosis Dual-Epidemic, Experts Say
    Japan's AIDS Stigma Hampers Treatment, Activists Say
    Rise in Japan Teen Sex Ignites Education Debate
    Japan Plans Free HIV Tests
    New Statistics Raise Fears of an AIDS Explosion
    Japan's AIDS Experts Alarmed as HIV Infections Hit Record High
    ...and more.

  • FREE PHOTOCOPIABLE worksheets to use in class:
    • Reading Passage: "Japanese Who Thought It Couldn't Happen Here Suddenly Confront a Surge in AIDS Cases" from the Associated Press (06.01.05)::Natalie Obiko Pearson
    • Listening/Speaking worksheet: "I didn't know that!"

  • Introducing CAST - The Circle for AIDS Study and Teaching at Nanzan University, Nagoya

  • Student Writing Feature: "The Japanese Government Should Raise Awareness of People about HIV/AIDS" by Eriko Kosaka

  • "An Overview of the AIDS Drug Industry and Drug Access Policy in Lower Income Countries" by Louise Haynes, MSc TESOL, MBA

  • Statistics from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as of July 3, 2005

March 2003 in PDF Format
  • Learning about AIDS through teaching! by Brad Deacon, Nanzan University
  • AIDS news updates
  • Listening to our students
    Worksheet for students - reading comments by students who have studied HIV/AIDS in the English language classroom
  • To the teacher - How to use this newsletter in class
  • HIV/AIDS Statistics in Japan
December 2002 in PDF Format
  • Fading concern over HIV poses threat
  • AIDS Awareness Events Notices
  • Teaching "Could It Happen to You," an AIDS Awareness Unit
  • AIDS Epidemic in Asia May Become the Largest in the World, Says UNAIDS
  • HIV/AIDS Statistics in Japan
September 2002 in PDF Format
  • Japan's Casual 'Sex Friends' Risk More than Broken Hearts
  • Sex Education Booklet Controversy in Japan
  • The Need to Introduce a Culturally Relevant Response to HIV/AIDS
  • Teens Can't Tell HIV Fact from Fiction
  • A Word to EFL Teachers
  • Disturbing News of AIDS 'Superinfection'
  • Russia on the Brink of AIDS Explosion
  • More Than 3,500 New HIV Cases Every Month in Russia
  • AIDS in the Developing World
  • Diaphragm Put to Test Against HIV
  • 70 Percent of Chinese Teens Get Sex Ed from Porn
  • Grave Warnings in UNAIDS Report
  • HIV/AIDS Statistics in Japan
May 2002 in PDF Format
  • Report on Sixth ICAAP Conference Held in Melbourne, by Caitlin Stronell
  • AIDS News Highlights
  • Landmarks in the AIDS Epidemic - U.S.
  • Preventing Sexual Risk Behaviors Among GLB Students
  • Peace as a Global Language Conference, Tokyo Sept 2002
  • AIDS Statistics In Japan

October 2001

  • Photocopiable worksheets:
    • AIDS: A Common Topic
    • Using Internet
    • Using Your Library
    • Keeping a Diary
    • AIDS Scenarios: What Should They Do?
  • AIDS News Highlights
  • Landmarks in the AIDS Epidemic - U.S.
  • Preventing Sexual Risk Behaviors Among GLB Students
  • AIDS Statistics In Japan

June 2001

  • 20 Years of AIDS
  • No Cure in the Near Future
  • Donating Blood in Tokyo: a personal account
  • AIDS News Highlights
  • Movie Review: Common Threads
  • Lesson Plan Idea: Go Fly a Kite
  • Can AIDS Be Cured?
  • AIDS Statistics In Japan
  • Asian Children Lack Knowledge About HIV/AIDS

March 2001 in PDF Format

  • Report on African Seminar on HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS Knowledge Game to use in the EFL Classroom (insert)
  • AIDS News Highlights
  • Views from UNAIDS: The Female Condom
  • To EFL Teachers in Japan
  • Demographic Impact of AIDS
  • AIDS Statistics In Japan
November 2000 in PDF Format
  • and i dance slowly, the aids poem. by sarah winslow
  • HIV/AIDS statistics