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A variety of poetry and prose about a range of aspects related to HIV/AIDS.

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Japan AIDS Prevention Awareness Network

AIDS Education for the EFL/ESL Classroom
About JAPANetwork


As of 2017, this website is no longer being updated. We continue to provide the teaching materials free of charge.


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WORKSHEETS by Kathy Riley

Jigsaw reading passages
Public Speaking: A Persuasive Speech


HIV/AIDS Seminar Worksheets
developed by Louise Haynes, director of JAPANetwork and AIDS educator in Japan since 1995.

This 12-week course covers many aspects of the AIDS pandemic, including AIDS in Japan: June 2006, History (World); History (Japan); Discrimination; War, conflicts, rape and HIV; Women, Power and HIV; HIV/AIDS - What is it?; Testing, Treatment, Statistics; STDs & Talking with Your Partner; Sex trafficking;- Poverty, Education, Orphans; Government spending and AIDS

For more information select this link.


World AIDS Day is Dec. 1st.


Here's a quick teaching idea from Marc Helgesen

Toward the end of class, we have our students make their own ribbons (we bring cloth, scissors and safety pins). We encourage them to wear the homemade ribbon which encourages conversations -- including stuff they have learned!

2005 Pairwork Quiz
Download this 1-page worksheet. Have your students practice asking questions about HIV/AIDS info worldwide and in Japan.


What You Should Know: The HIV/AIDS Workbook for the Japanese EFL Classroom
by Louise Haynes

This workbook has PHOTOCOPIABLE worksheets, activity ideas, a teacher's guide for each worksheet, listening activities, and a list of recourses for teachers. The workbook (without listening activites) is available for download FREE at http://www.japanetwork.org/whatyoushouldknow.pdf
Note: If you downloaded or received a copy prior to Dec. 1st, 2004, a corrected copy of "Listening Activity: Masako and Tomomi: Part 1" is available at http://www.japanetwork.org/wysk24.pdf, and updated Teacher's Guide is available at http://www.japanetwork.org/wysk_updates_12_04.pdf. The latest version of the workbook has been updated.


Need testing information? Call the Japan HIV Center AIDS Hotline for AIDS information and test center information in your area:

Tokyo: 03-5259-0256 (English)
Osaka: 06-6882-0282 (English)
Nagoya: 052-831-2228 (Japanese)

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1st.


Rainbow Educators' Network

When teaching about AIDS in your classroom, does homophobia rear its head amongst your students? How to deal with homophobia in class? Check out the Rainbow Educators' Network web site for help in how to address gay, lesbian and bisexual issues in the EFL classroom.

REN Web Site: Rainbow Educators' Network


About JAPANetwork

JAPANetwork is a group of volunteer teachers throughout Japan who are interested in teaching about HIV/AIDS in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classroom. Teachers donate their time and talents to develop teaching materials, produce a quarterly newsletter, review AIDS videos and write worksheets for them, update the web site, and lead education events in their local communities.

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